Ethereum airdrop 11/01-Noe new contract





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NoteOfExchange (NOE)

IM wallet sends 0 ETH to airdrop contract:




Description: ★ One Star ☆ Half Star

One or two stars (general) three or four stars (medium) five stars (excellent)

Fee setting: (please set a high point for quick arrival)

Gas price: Refer to the WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

Gas :100000

Airdrop rules:

Get 500 NOE Token, decrement airdrop; each wallet address can only be declared once.

Circulation: 100,000,000 NOE

Holder: 350




Introduction: Noe changes the existing ticket trading model and is determined to become the world's largest box office.

Say Noe why the contract is changed, Noe is noisy with the Foundation, the Foundation holds a large number of old contracts Token, the Noe team is forced to choose a new contract, take the first two hundred holding the old contract Token, targeting new airdrop contracts, small The editor has also arrived, and the Noe team is still very good.

common problem

1. IM wallet packaging failed

A: IM wallet monitoring for more than a few hours to give up monitoring, does not mean that the airdrop failed, you can go to the ETH block browser to check the progress.

2. Waiting for a long time, the airdrop has not arrived.

A: Gas Price (Gwei) is set too low, resulting in too long queues. If you need to get paid quickly, please set a higher Gas Price.