ETH Airdrop Guide





What is a 0-turn ETH airdrop

In airdrop, the participant sends 0 ETHs to the contract address that supports the airdrop function. After the contract is identified, a certain amount of tokens is automatically returned to the participants. The popular point is that participants pay a miner's fee in exchange for a certain amount of tokens, just as the merchant promises to buy 0 yuan, the courier fee still has to be made by himself.

Business application: used for marketing, spread the popularity of tokens, increase the popularity of tokens, and increase the number of token users.

User participation in airdrop failure reasons

1. The flight start time has not yet arrived.
2. When the participant transfers, the handling fee gas setting is too low and the transfer fails.
3. The token issuing address does not have enough tokens to be issued and the airdrop distribution has been suspended.
4. The number of participants participated more than the number of airdrop restrictions.

common problem

1. IM wallet packaging failed
A: IM wallet monitoring for more than a few hours to give up monitoring, does not mean that the airdrop failed, you can go to the ETH block browser to check the progress.

2. Waiting for a long time, the airdrop has not arrived.
A: Gas Price (Gwei) is set too low, resulting in too long queues. If you need to get paid quickly, please set a higher Gas Price.

3. There are still embarrassing questions, we discuss within the group
A: Please enter VX: kongtou9527: Remarks: Airdrop.

How to use iToken to participate in airdrops

1. Open the imToken wallet and click ETH Transfer to fill in the address of the airdrop contract to be filled in at the payee's wallet address.

2. Enter 0 in the transfer amount.

3. Open the fee advanced option.

4. Fill in the custom Gas Price 2 (Gas Price affects the speed of the transfer, please fill in according to your own situation, the Ethereum network is not congested, it is recommended to fill in 2-5, in the case of congestion, it is recommended to fill in 5-10.)

5. Customize Gas to fill in 100,000. (Because the airdrop is to transfer to the contract address, it will consume more gas. Filling in 100,000 will better guarantee the contract transfer success.)