ETH Airdrop Black Technology - FUK

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Into the group exchange VX: kongtou9527
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The public number home page has real-time Gas query

Black technology coin advantage
1. A black technology contract is equivalent to 20 regular times.
2. Repeatable 撸, (you need to wait for the previous one to be repeated).
3. Black technology coin cost and batch/cost comparison, black technology province 30% miner cost, the key to save! ! !
Important thing said three times
GAS can not be less than 10,000, it must be 3 million
GAS can not be less than 10,000, it must be 3 million
GAS can not be less than 10,000, it must be 3 million
If 1.7 million GAS is used, the remaining GAS will return the balance.

FunKoin (FNK) Black Technology Contract
GAS Price: Your own reference, currently between 2.8 -10 (think seconds to set higher)
GAS setting: 3000000 (3 million)
Available: 96000*20~=1900000Fnk (decremental airdrop)
The recent GAS is unstable, please use WeChat search program: real-time Gas
Xiaobian just tested with 5.1Gwei about ~1.7 US dollars once
Description: ★ One Star ☆ Half Star
One or two stars (general) three or four stars (medium) five stars (excellent)
FunKoin (FNK)
Issued: 30,000,000,000 FNK
Official website:
Holder: 32000
Telegraph group:
Introduction: FunKoin is an ecosystem based on a blockchain database that supports the music industry.
FNK-30 billion circulation, airdrops 60%, airdrop popularity first no team information, MERCATOX exchange is voting, oil prices remain high.
FNK top ten holders: