Black Technology Airdrop 12/03-AMP





[About ETH Airdrop]

Focus on the ETH airdrop field, and strive to be the most powerful ETH air investment service in the whole network.


Into the group exchange plus micro signal: kongtou9527
Remarks: Airdrop
The public number home page has real-time Gas query.

Ordinary contract*1

Synereo-ERC20 (AMP)

Send 0ETH to smart contract


GAS Price: See WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

GAS setting: 100000 (100,000)

Available: 77000 AMP declining airdrop


Black Technology Contract*20

Synereo-ERC20 (AMP)

Send 0ETH to smart contract


GAS Price: See WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

GAS setting: 3000000 (3 million)

Available: 77000*20= 1540000 AMP Deflated Airdrop



Black Technology Contract*40

Synereo-ERC20 (AMP)

Send 0.002ETH to smart contract


GAS Price: See WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

GAS setting: 6000000 (6 million)

Available: 77000*40= 3080000 AMP Deflated Airdrop




Description: ★ One Star ☆ Half Star

One or two stars (general) three or four stars (medium) five stars (excellent)

Synereo-ERC20 (AMP)

Circulation: 6,000,000,000 AMP

Holder: 3500

Official website:

Application platform:


Telegram Chinese group:

Telegram English group:

Introduction: AMP-New Content Economy.

AMP- total amount is 6 billion, a single package of 77,000, the proportion of airdrops in foreign projects is good, optimistic!


common problem

1. IM wallet packaging failed

A: IM wallet monitoring for more than a few hours to give up monitoring, does not mean that the airdrop failed, you can go to the ETH block browser to check the progress.

2. Waiting for a long time, the airdrop has not arrived.

A: Gas Price (Gwei) is set too low, resulting in too long queues. If you need to get paid quickly, please set a higher Gas Price.