Black Technology Airdrop 11/14-DONC





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Focus on the ETH airdrop field, and strive to be the most powerful ETH air investment service in the whole network.


Into the group exchange plus micro signal: kongtou9527
Remarks: Airdrop
The public number home page has real-time Gas query.

Updated black technology airdrop contract

The number of holders of the project address is not reduced when the black technology contract is opened.

Ordinary contract*1

onationChain (DONC)

Send 0ETH to smart contract


GAS Price: See WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

GAS setting: 100000 (100,000)

Available: 120 DONC

Black Technology Contract*20

onationChain (DONC)

Send 0ETH to smart contract


GAS Price: See WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

GAS setting: 3000000 (3 million)

Available: 120 * 20 = 2400 DONC

Black Technology Contract*40

onationChain (DONC)

Send 0.002ETH to smart contract


GAS Price: See WeChat applet "Real Time Gas"

GAS setting: 6000000 (6 million)

Available: 120*40= 4800 DONC



Description: ★ One Star ☆ Half Star

One or two stars (general) three or four stars (medium) five stars (excellent)

onationChain (DONC)

Circulation: 199,000,000 DONC

Holder: 2000

Official website:


Introduction: DONATIONCHAIN is a project platform that allows us to easily donate money to people in need, including those affected by natural disasters, hunger, etc., using cryptocurrencies.

DONC official website has written an airdrop 30,000 address, which may end soon, optimistic!

common problem

1. IM wallet packaging failed

A: IM wallet monitoring for more than a few hours to give up monitoring, does not mean that the airdrop failed, you can go to the ETH block browser to check the progress.

2. Waiting for a long time, the airdrop has not arrived.

A: Gas Price (Gwei) is set too low, resulting in too long queues. If you need to get paid quickly, please set a higher Gas Price.

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