Black Technology Airdrop 1017-BEY





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Focus on the ETH airdrop field, and strive to be the most powerful ETH air investment service in the whole network.

Into the group exchange VX: kongtou9527

Remarks: Airdrop


Black technology coin advantage
1. A black technology contract is equivalent to 20 regular times.
2. It can be repeated, (you need to wait for the last one to arrive).
3. Black technology coin cost and batch/cost comparison, black technology province 30% miner cost, the key to save! ! !

Important thing said three times

GAS can not be less than 10,000, it must be 3 million

GAS can not be less than 10,000, it must be 3 million

GAS can not be less than 10,000, it must be 3 million

If 1.7 million GAS is used, the remaining GAS will return the balance.

BitEye Token (BEY) Black Technology Contract


GAS Price: set by yourself, currently between 3 and 10 (think seconds to set higher)

GAS setting: 3000000 (3 million)

Available: 100*20=2000BEY

The recent GAS is unstable, please use WeChat search program: real-time Gas

Xiaobian just tested with 5.1Gwei about ~1.7 US dollars once



Description: ★ One Star ☆ Half Star

One or two stars (general) three or four stars (medium) five stars (excellent)

BitEye Token (BEY)

Issued: 1,000,000,000 BEY

Official website:



Introduction: BEY is the Token of the Biteye Exchange, and the Biteye Exchange is based on the intelligent contract-based decentralized autonomous trading platform.

Xiaobian did not trade on the decentralized trading platform before. I talked about my opinion on the Biteye exchange. Although I didn’t have the user volume in March, the experience is very good and the speed is very fast. I support the creation of the import and export wallet. An alternative trading experience is worth a look.