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Aracle (ARC)
IM wallet sends 0 ETH to airdrop contract:
0 x4d3ddfee61326469a1b353920a313f226ea84314
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Fee Settings :(please set a high point for quick access to the account)
Gas price: 7 to 15
Gas: 120000
Air drop rules:
148,000 ARC Token can be obtained, diminishing airdrop; Each wallet address can be declared only once.
Circulation: 30 billion ARC
Holder: 700
Website: work
Telegraph: t.m e/AracleNetwork
On the exchange
ARACLE vr-esport COIN virtual reality e-sports, a unique e-sports cryptocurrency based on the blockchain network.
Aracle- 30 billion total, 15 percent team, 25 percent community development, 60 percent airdrop/reward, start airdrop today, no Western Europe, Aracle community drive ~ means global participants are Aracle one... Having just seen the four small exchanges, and voting on two, it seems that the development speed is quite fast.
Aracle token structure & exchange details: work/airdrop. HTML
Speaking of this, I feel deeply about it. I have been touched by the community-driven Coin before. The community is strong and the community is strong.
Common problems
IM wallet packing failed
A: if IM wallet has been monitored for more than a few hours, giving up monitoring does not mean that the airdrop failed. You can check the progress in ETH block browser.
2. The waiting time is long and the airdrop is not received
Answer: Gas Price (Gwei) is set too low, causing too long between queues. If you need to get to the account quickly, please set higher Gas Price.
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The ETH dropped
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