Airdrop Daily 0925-Etipay(空投日报0925-Etipay)





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IM wallet sends 0 ETH to airdrop contract:
Description: ★ One Star ☆ Half Star
One or two stars (general) three or four stars (medium) five stars (excellent)

Fee setting: (please set a high point for quick arrival)
Gas price:7–10
Gas :100000
Airdrop rules:
Get 200 Etopay Tokens, the number remains the same; each wallet address can only be claimed once.

Circulation: 700,000,000 EtopayToken
Holder: 3500
Etopay introduces: Etopay Network Tokens establish a global system for tourism to improve the world of travel, and we strive to create a secure payment method that is not restricted by national borders.
Etopay — a total of 700 million teams of 105 million, on the side of the team to take a large proportion of Token, relatively speaking, the team is more motivated to promote Token. I plan to end the ICO exchange at the end of November. Although this Token can’t make a decision, it can be less, don’t recommend donation, please be cautious, think about some examples of running 3A…

common problem
1. IM wallet packaging failed
A: IM wallet monitoring for more than a few hours to give up monitoring, does not mean that the airdrop failed, you can go to the ETH block browser to check the progress.
2. Waiting for a long time, the airdrop has not arrived.
A: Gas Price (Gwei) is set too low, resulting in too long queues. If you need to get paid quickly, please set a higher Gas Price.

If you are interested in us, you can pay attention to our public number, send "airdrop" into the group exchange.

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