EthAirDrop is an "ethereum eco-public Token" made based on blockchain technology,It is a digital asset with composite attributes such as airdrop information, target airdrop, airdrop intelligent contract, airdrop community, and airdrop exchange.

EA Smart Contarct address


Send 0eth EA Smart Contract,You can get 1000EA.Each airdrop transaction statement will decrease.
If you want more EA,you can send 0.01eth and above to EA Smart Contract. 1ETH = 2,000,000 EA(Diminishing)
Must do
Set Gaslimit :150000,GasPrice: 10 Gwei

Our vision

EA's vision is to become the world's first decentralized social consensus public airdrop ecological Token,to solve the industry's four pain points.

●  Connecting users and project side around the core of airdrop ecology;

●  Lower the cognitive threshold for ordinary users to enter the blockchain world;

●  Increase the liquidity of Token by project side, lower the threshold of Token investment, and increase the appreciation space of Token;

●  Lead community users to share EA dividends with project parties.

Road Map

Token Issue